1. Dry Humping Music For Nerds
    Koobaatoo Asparagus

  2. 2017 - Everytime I Kiss Your Lips, It Feels Like I Can Taste The Future In My Own Little Hands
    Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

  3. Shepherds Of The Anus

  4. Shepherds Of The Anus Pt2: Beasts Of Burden

  5. Everything Changes Under Water
    Shadows On The Snow

  6. Split II
    Ethnomite Pux ≠ La Flore Intestinale

  7. One Day
    Seiei Jack & Kirill Makushin

  8. Floating Like Jesus
    Koobaatoo Asparagus

  9. Berlin 2015

  10. Floors In Between
    Alexei Borisov

  11. Through Time Zones
    Shadows On The Snow

  12. Tropicalismo \ Clark Kent

  13. Vibrating Walk 6
    December Nightskies With nobodisoundz

  14. Laptop Hooligans : Soul Noise Vol.2

  15. Neoism
    Multiple Personality III

  16. The Plum Blossoms Are Falling

  17. Ménage À Trois
    La Flore Intestinale ◼ Ethnomite Pux ◼ Sid Yiddish

  18. Introspection
    Motor 166

  19. Perphenazine
    December Nightskies

  20. Noises For The Alienator

  21. Motherfucker
    Ethnomite Pux

  22. Title It Yourself
    dub stepmania / Furryz Fornicate

  23. The Melting Away Of The Great Upheaval
    Shadows On The Snow

  24. Nocturnal
    December Nightskies

  25. Blackwater
    Ix Prospectum

  26. Lidocaína
    Filipo Laresca

  27. Litoral
    Filipo Laresca

  28. Welcome Home
    This Is A Formica Table

  29. Impressions Of A Winter Odyssey Making Paper Airplanes For Giuli
    Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

  30. Split
    Buttfromagun / Zatan

  31. Chinese Democracy

  32. Laptop Hooligans : Cross-Cultural Experience

  33. Selfies
    La Flore Intestinale

  34. Upheaval Version 81
    Arvo Zylo

  35. Troubled Times
    Robert G. Rough

  36. Life Of A Dreamer In A Hopeless World

  37. Isosceles Come Back To Earth
    Koobaatoo Asparagus

  38. Lovers

  39. Panties, A Various Artists Compilation

  40. Heute ist ein Traum wahr geworden
    Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

  41. Feet In The Sky
    Ethnomite Pux

  42. Moment Of Freedom

  43. Mind The Gap Between The Platform And The Train (A Place Called Annexia)

  44. ETHER
    Exclamation Point

  45. Split
    La Flore Intestinale / Ethnomite Pux

  46. Asleep In The Desert
    Ethnomite Pux


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